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Maple Burl (Acer macrophyllum)


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Coastal Pacific North America


Moderately Available


Like many Maples, the sapwood is the more commonly used cut of this species. The creamy colour ranges from off-white to golden yellow. The burl of this species is breathtakingly beautiful with amazing swirling grain, delicate medullary rays, and birds eye-like features.


The burl of this species has grain running all over the place so caution should be taken to avoid tearout. High speed cutters (like a router bit) can lead to burns in the wood. Stains can be blotchy so always seal the wood prior to adding colour.


The burl often gets used for turning projects or sliced into veneers to be used in furniture and cabinetmaking.

Additional Comments

Like many burls, the mesmerizing beauty of this species is quite something. Be aware that many of the Acer family can cause skin irritation, runny nose, and asthma-like effects.

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