Marine Grade Plywood

Marine Grade Plywood
From $13.95

If you’re planning to build boats or decks, then you need a material that’s resistant to moisture, rot, and fungal growth. Check out our selection of BS 1088 Meranti Marine Grade Plywood.

For plywood to be classified as marine grade, it must meet the following criteria:

  • High-quality face and inside veneers

  • Use glue that’s resistant to weather, cold/boiling water, steam, and heat

  • No open defects in the wood

Marine grade plywood can be hard to find. At KJP Select Hardwoods, we offer this plywood in ¼” G2S, ½” G2S, and ¾” G2S. You can choose from 12” X 24” or 24” X 24” sizes (for a larger size, we offer pickup at our retail location in Ottawa).

This wood is ideal for builds that are exposed to high moisture levels. Contact us today to order our BS 1088 Meranti Marine Grade Plywood.