Seneca Tools available in Canada

Seneca Woodworking

Seneca Woodworking Tools are designed to solve unique problems. These high-quality products combine precision with intuitive designs. We carry a wide selection of Seneca tools, including:

  • Parallel Guide System (with Incra T-Track): Perfect for making consistent and repetitive rip cuts, this guide keeps you on track with each cut. It’s easy to adjust as needed. You can use this system with Makita and Festool track saws.
  • Imperial Thickness Gauge for Festool Domino DF 500: This tool allows you to centre your mortise onto a variety of material thicknesses. You can adjust your Domino effortlessly with this gauge; it’s simple to install and quick to use.
  • Domiplate XL for Festool Domino XL: Prevent joint alignment errors caused by fence drive with the Domiplate. This tool features a textured ball and two captive screws.
  • Small Mortise Kit for Festool Domino XL: This kit comes with 3 popular products: the RTS-500 Cutter Adapter, the Imperial Thickness Gauge, and a Domi-Shim. You can make mortises as small as 4mm.

These tools allow you to get the precise cuts and thicknesses that woodworking projects demand. Interested in trying our Seneca Woodworking Tools? Browse the selection at KJP Select Hardwoods today.