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Cutting Board Options

  • Blanks - Design Your Own Cutting Board
    Blanks - Design Your Own Cutting Board
  • Cutting Board Packages
    Cutting Board Packages
  • Pre-Laminated Cutting Boards
    Pre-Laminated Cutting Boards
Cutting boards are essential in any kitchen. When you use a cutting board made from solid wood, you won’t need to worry about cracking or splintering. 

If you want to create your own cutting board, but lack the tools to do so, check out our Cutting Board Kits. With pre-cut blanks, it’s easy to make a cutting board; these pieces are planed and jointed on all sides. These packages include sought-after species like Maple, Walnut, and Cherry.

With cutting board blanks, you have the freedom to design exactly what you want. Mix and match different types of wood for a unique board that fits your kitchen. Finish it off with Honey Bee’s Wood Cream to make it food-safe and ready for use.

A wooden cutting board makes for a useful tool and gorgeous centrepiece. Use it to serve an arrangement of snacks or prepare a tasty meal! Our exotic and domestic cutting board products let you unleash your creativity. Check out our selection at KJP Select Hardwoods today.