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Epoxy Resin / River Tables

Over the last three years we have made hundreds of epoxy tables through our Custom Shop and student Workshops. We like to think we are the local experts and would be extremely excited to help you build your next dream epoxy project.

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3 Easy Steps To Having Your Own River Table

Pick Your Layout

Whether you want the classic river, a fully casted slab, or a combination of the two - we can help you layout and design your custom piece. Our staff are able to recommend a unique arrangement that will both achieve your design goals and maximize your budget.

Pick Your Wood

Choose from between several species of wood including dark walnut, red cherry, and rustic maple. We have new slab inventory arriving on a weekly basis so there are always many options for clients to find the perfect piece!

Pick Your Colour

We stock over 35 colours of metallic pigments to tint your epoxy and create your new project. The metallic pigments have a slight shimmer to them and almost always produce an interesting swirling pattern once they cure. We are also able to use transparent colours for clients that want a more glass-like finished product.

Pricing Guidelines

$650 -$1000

Wall Art / Resin Designs

We are often commissioned to do Art pieces for hanging on walls. Our showroom is full of unique and interesting pieces that are too thin for tables but perfect for hanging. We love working with our clients to select both the perfect slabs and epoxy colours for their new show stopper!

$1250 - $2000

Coffee Table

Perfect because not only do you get the uniqueness of a custom one-of-a-kind epoxy table, but it is a very budget friendly option too! Take a risk with a more vibrant colour that compliments your home, or instead choose a classic black or glass look. Either way, we are happy to assist you in designing the perfect coffee table for your space!

$3000 +

Dining Table

This is the piece that will have your company talking! Nothing demands the attention more than a beautiful epoxy river table. We take great pride in building you a table that will last you for years and years to come. Choose your slabs, pick your colour, and provide us all the details for your dream dining room table. We offer both a natural looking oil finish, or a restaurant quality durable spray finish. Come visit our showroom to learn about all the options we offer for your custom table.


How long does it take for you to make my table?

Our custom shop is currently working on about a 3-4 week turn around time. Epoxy resin takes a full 5-6 days for a full cure so we usually add on 1 week to our standard lead time. Once you finalize all sizes and details we can give you a pretty accurate ETA at that point. This is going to be fun!

I heard epoxy tables scratch easily. Is that true?

Of course like any tables under extreme conditions, epoxy tables can be scratched and show wear. But if treated with basic common sense and maintenance - it won’t be any different that if we made you a solid maple table. Many of our epoxy tables have been used in restaurants for years and see much more heavy use that you will ever put yours through!

When do I pay - and how much?

All custom work that goes through our shop requires a 50% deposit up front to get the project scheduled in the queue. Once the table is completed we will contact you to make pickup/delivery arrangements and settle up the outstanding balance.

What about legs?

Of course we sell legs and encourage you to consider them when sorting through your options. We also have a welder who works for us and is usually able to make whatever we ask of him. His name is Rick! Send us some ideas and we will be happy to offer you a pricing option. If you already have table legs we can install them for you for a price. The cost varies depending on how complex they are, and whether or not we need to provide the fasteners. As we finalize the table details we can discuss the options and costs for this added service.

What are my options for a finish? I do/don’t like glossy things.

Most of our residential use tables are finished with either Rubio Monocoat or Osmo Oils. In our showroom we have a big display unit that clearly shows you the difference between the two, and a few colour/sheen options. If you expect heavy use or would rather have a finish with a higher gloss level we also offer a spray lacquer finish. This option is the same one we use for commercial restaurant applications and will come at a higher price point.

Do you deliver?

If you are in Ottawa, Canada or surrounding area you can pick up at our showroom located at 3-145 Bentley Avenue, or we can make arrangements for local delivery. If you are outside our local market, we offer crating services and can arrange shipments all across Canada and the continental United States. Please get in touch for a shipping quote.