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4/4 Rough Cut Rustic Walnut Lumber Pack

Our best value for character grade Black Walnut!

Often when we are sorting our Black Walnut we end up developing some boards that have too much sappy color, or can contain more knots than our standard grade. We now have sorted out these boards and have made them available in a lumber pack at a greatly reduced price! 

Take advantage of this great deal and make your next project with amazing Walnut character, color, and charm.

Choose from 2 different sizes of our 4/4 Walnut Rough Cut Lumber Packs; 10 Board feet or 20 Board Feet. We will carefully handpick an assortment of boards in the pack size of your choice.

What should I expect in my Lumber Pack?

10 Board Feet

  • Approximately 4-10 boards*
  • 3" to 10" widths
  • 36" or 48" lengths

20 Board Feet

  • Approximately 8-14 boards*
  • 3" to 10" widths
  • 48" lengths

Although these boards have been skipped dressed to show colour and grain, they will still require some TLC and additional milling. If you would prefer to have the milling done for you - check out our S4S Walnut Lumber.

*We always try to include the widest boards we have available at the time that meet the Rough Cut Lumber Pack specifications. Approximate board count is based on an average size of 6" x 48". Actual amount of boards will vary depending on widths available at time of fulfillment. Have a question? Send us an Email.

Black Walnut’s heartwood ranges from pale brown to a dark chocolate brown. It is also known for having a red, purple, or grey cast and the sapwood ranges from pale yellow to almost white. It can present grain patterns like curl, crotch, and burl.

Black Walnut is a fan favourite of furniture makers in North America. Once you’ve worked Walnut you will quickly plan for the next time you will use it. The rich brown colour is unmistakable and pieces that live near sunlight lighten to a dark honey colour. The wood also has good dimensional stability, shock resistance, and strength properties making it an easy choice for most woodworkers.

Size: 10 BF (6-10 Boards) - 36" Long
Original price $179.50 - Original price $333.10
Original price $179.50
$64.95 - $115.95
Current price $64.95

Customer Reviews

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Bobby White (Waco, US)
Great material

Great material, pieces are really excellent. KJP has always delivered excellent pieces for my woodshop! I'm never disappointed.