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Mahogany Rough Cut Lumber Pack

Mahogany Rough Cut Lumber Pack

Choose from 2 different sizes of our 4/4 Mahogany Rough Cut Lumber Packs; 10 Board feet or 20 Board Feet. We will carefully handpick an assortment of boards in the pack size of your choice. 

What should I expect in my Lumber Pack?

10 Board Feet

  • Approximately 5-7 boards*
  • 4" to 8" widths
  • 24" - 48" lengths

20 Board Feet

  • Approximately 10-14 boards*
  • 4" to 8" widths
  • 24" - 48" lengths

Although these boards have been skipped dress to show colour and grain, they will still require some TLC and additional milling. If you would prefer to have the milling done for you - check out our S4S Mahogany Lumber.

*We always try to include the widest and longest boards we have available at the time that meet the Project Pack specifications. Approximate board count is based on an average size of 6" x 36". Acutal amount of boards will vary depending on widths and lengths available at time of fulfillment. Have a question?  Send us an Email.

Rough Cut Lumber Packs

Who are they for? These are ideal for those who enjoy working with machinery or hand tools to mill their own boards.

ROugh Cut Lumber Packs are made up an assortment of our Rough Cut Lumber but instead in random widths (4"-8") and random lengths (24"-48"). We use the term Rough Cut Lumber to describe boards that require additional milling. Rough Cut Lumber has been run through the planer to show the grain however they have not been surfaced/dressed. You will need to mill both faces and edges.

S4S Lumber

Who are they for? These are ideal for those who aren’t equipped with the necessary tools to flatten and straighten boards.

The term “surfaced” or "dressed" refers to a piece of wood that has been milled. To achieve the necessary dimensions, we select a larger board to work from. Both faces and edges are then surfaced so you can be assured that the board is flat and straight. These boards are available in specific sizes.

For example: 3/4” x 5-1/4” x 23-1/2”

Size: 10 BF ( 5-7 Boards)
Original price $80.55 - Original price $152.15
Original price
$80.55 - $152.15
Current price $80.55

Ordering Information

In-Store Pickup: Most orders are completed within 2 business days. We will contact you via email when your order is ready for pickup.

Shipping: Most orders are packaged and ready for shipping within 2 to 4 business days of ordering.

For more information on Shipping & Returns click here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Rod McMillan (Mississauga, CA)
4/4 Rough Cut Mahogany Lumber

Excellent wood, two faces are more finished than implied by kjp description. Only two sides rough.

Paul Boulton (Ingleside, CA)
excellent Source of Hardwoods

It is great to have a local source for hardwood supply even though KJP is 70 miles away, I wish they were next door! Have bought via on line delivery, but did travel to their store and they are well stocked. Most of my purchases have been project lumber both thick and thins purchased as S4S. Have had very good selections picked and sent to this point.

James Plant (Kimberley, CA)

We’re having major problems with floods in BC. Haven’t received the order, but no problem, it will come.