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4/4 Rough Cut Padauk Lumber Pack

Padauk wood is one of our most popular exotic woods!

Choose from 2 different sizes of our 4/4 Padauk Rough Cut Lumber Packs; 10 Board feet or 20 Board Feet. We will carefully handpick an assortment of boards in the pack size of your choice.

What should I expect in my Lumber Pack?

10 Board Feet

  • Approximately 4-7 boards*
  • 4" to 8" widths
  • 47"-48" lengths

20 Board Feet

  • Approximately 8-14 boards*
  • 4" to 8" widths
  • 47"-48" lengths

Although these boards have been skipped dress to show colour and grain, they will still require some TLC and additional milling. If you would prefer to have the milling done for you - check out our S4S Padauk Lumber.

*We always try to include the widest boards we have available at the time that meet the Rough Cut Lumber Pack specifications. Approximate board count is based on an average size of 6" x 48". Actual amount of boards will vary depending on widths available at time of fulfillment. Have a question? Send us an Email.

You don’t get much more bang for your buck as you do with African Padauk. It’s relatively inexpensive (for an import), looks great and it has a light, pleasant odor when worked. This species also takes on a wicked shine when worked with high-angle planes or scrapers. This is a fantastic choice if you are new to exotics so have fun with it.

The heartwood ranges from a light pink/orange to a dark red/brown. The colours are at their most vibrant when the boards are freshly worked but will change to a dark brown/purple colour over time. It doesn’t take much sanding or scraping to get the original color back.

It works well with hand and power tools, but beware, the grain can be interlocked which can lead to tearout if your tools aren’t sharp. You should have no problems gluing this wood or having finish stick which makes it a great beginner exotic. It also smells nice with a light, aromatic quality. Fair warning, you will have colourful dust everywhere so don’t hesitate to wear a mask.

Size: 10 BF ( 4-7 Boards)
Original price $169.50 - Original price $297.10
Original price
$169.50 - $297.10
Current price $169.50

Customer Reviews

Based on 72 reviews
Laurie Morris (Windsor, CA)
great product

Very very nice

Tooly (Mississauga, CA)
Didn’t like the colour

Was expecting 48” long. Was 47 7/8” long. Asked why? They said all lumber is 1/8 to 1/4” shorter to fit in a 48” box. It was noted on their website that that’s what they did. I didn’t notice that or come across that info when I ordered. I had to order more material and order it longer. Amazing how it came in a longer box for the same shipping price.
Also too, was not rough cut lumber. Was planed on all four sides. Spent a lot of money learning that lesson.

Yves Parent (Gatineau, CA)
Guitar bridges

I ordered the Padauk for making acoustic guitar bridges blanks, because it transfer sounds as ebony and adds colour to an acoustic guitar. The piece i received was of first quality and is the perfect thickness (1/2 inch) to shape to a final fine bridge.