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Festool - 5mm Drill Bit with Depth Stop

Drill bit BTA HW D 5 CE 



Centrotec 5mm drill bit with depth stop. Replacement bit available (491794).

  • Save money by replacing just the bit and not the entire assembly
  • Save time changing between drill and screw bits with the quick-change Centrotec System
  • Reduce fatigue with the lightweight Centrotec chuck and decrease drilling/driving clearance with the compact design
  • Centrotec bits extend directly into the drill spindle so they serve as an extension of the motor, significantly improving controllability and torque
  • Carbide
  • Adjustable depth stop
Options: Centrotec 5mm Drill Bit with Depth Stop
Original price $39.00 - Original price $105.00
Original price
$39.00 - $105.00
Current price $39.00