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Box Clamp

Like Having an Extra Pair of Hands. With the M2 Box Clamps you can glue-up or dry-fit any 90° joint quickly and easily and know your joint is square. Just position the clamp in a corner, give the knob or bolt a twist and equal pressure is applied to both parts while instantly squaring the joint. It’s that simple. And, our new, easy setup feature with stock thickness dimensions called-out on the clamp body means you can quickly adjust Woodpeckers Box Clamps to fit your stock dimensions in seconds.

Woodpeckers M2 Box Clamp Has Many Uses. These clamps work great on butt joints, miters, dadoes, rabbets; through or half-blind dovetails and box joints even when material overhangs the joint face. Its open design let’s you easily nail or screw along the full length of the joint. You’ll never have to reposition a bar clamp again. Are you a pocket-hole joinery fan? Woodpeckers Box Clamps are the answer to your prayers. These sturdy clamps are perfect for dry fitting, too!

Rugged, With A Wide Range of Adjustment. The clamps are molded using a nearly indestructible glass fiber filled polycarbonate. The Box Clamp quickly adjusts for use with material ranging in thickness from ¼” to a full 1”. An easy twist of the knob or hex key (depending on clamping application) provides ample torque to tighten the clamp, square and secure the joint.

Get A Pair! Woodpeckers M2 Box Clamps are sold in pairs and are far less expensive than bar clamps. Each pair comes with both knobs and hex key so they’re ready to use with just about any type box or cabinet joint you’ll run into. When you want square corners you just can’t beat Woodpeckers M2 Box Clamps. These clever clamps are just one of many innovative, high quality woodworking tools available on our web site.

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