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Festool - Diamond Grinder Renofix RG 130

Diamond grinder RG 130 ECI-Plus US


The diamond sander RG 130 E is THE removal tool on larger areas. The speed optimised for diamond tools enables quick removal of concrete, screed and coatings on hard subsurfaces. The segment which can be removed without using any tools enables proximate work - damage is ruled out with the wall stop. Thanks to the patented extractor spirals excellent extraction results are guaranteed thus enabling dust-free work.

  • Diamond grinder operates at the perfect speed for diamond tools
  • 1,600 W motor for rapid material removal and working progress
  • Folding segment allows you to work directly on walls
  • Reliable guidance and adjustable, defined material removal with guide table
  • Integral wall stop for safe, rapid working on walls
  • Efficient dust extraction and automatic seal with guard
  • Perfect handling and balance on floors, walls and ceilings
  • Manually adjustable VIBRASTOP auxiliary handle

Main Applications

  • The specialist for diamond tools
  • The optimal solution for material removal during renovation and reconstruction
  • For removing concrete, screed and coatings on tough subsurfaces
  • For larger areas or selective applications on walls, ceilings and floors
  • Always the suitable tool for every application and every material

***This tool is available upon request and not kept in stock at the store***

  • Diamond Disc DIA Paint-D130 Premium
  • Guide Table
  • Flange Set
  • Spanner
  • Front Handle
  • in Systainer Sys³ L 237
  • Weight: 8.59lb (3.8 kg)
  • Tool Diameter: 5.11" (130 mm)
  • Power consumption: 1 600 watt
  • Tool Holder: D25/M14
  • Dust Extraction Connection: 36mm
  • Idle Engine Speed: 3 000 - 7 700 
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Customer Reviews

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BC (Ottawa, CA)
Outstanding product

Very little available online about this machine but it provides exceptional value. It will remove thinset and other stubborn coatings with ease. Even if you are removing the plywood underlay it will grind the coating and you can simply unscrew the plywood afterwards. If you are removing tile on uncoupling membrane it will clean the floor perfectly ready to receive any type of new flooring you wish to install. This will also smooth out concrete patches created when adding or modifying bathrooms below a basement slab. With the popularity or LVT having a machine like this is a must to meet the tolerances of those products. Overall if you are in the renovation business a tool like this is a must have. Make sure you a running a high quality vacuum as it creates an enormous amount of fine dust. Overall I highly recommend this product even at the high price point