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Diode Laser Cutting Starter Package - Thin ( 1/8" )

Our top selling materials intended for diode lasers like the new Glowforge Aura!

Test your laser settings before you commit! 

We have combined our most popular laser cutting materials into a handy starter package. Every laser is different, so we recommend starting off with this package and recording what settings give you the best results for cutting and engraving on your laser cutting machine. This particular package is ideal for those with diode lasers as all materials will work. Note that clear acrylic will not cut with diode lasers. 

Shop online for 3mm plywood for laser cutting. Have fun with the 3mm acrylic sheet! You'll be amazed at how many unique projects this unique plexiglass comes in handy for. 

Includes 1 piece of each material: 

12" x 12" Baltic Birch 
12" x 12" Black Acrylic
12" x 12" HDF
12" x 12" Maple Craft Plywood
12" x 12" Cherry Craft Plywood

Width and Length dimensions are +/- 1/4" of size listed.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Sabrina (Palatine, US)
Diode laser set is not compatible with a Glowforge aura

Beware when purchasing for a Glowforge aura mdf/ Hdf can ruin your Aura. These materials are not recommended for any diode lasers

Sabrina B (Milwaukee, US)
The mdf/Hdf is great

Some of the materials don’t want to cut with my Glowforge aura. The plywoods don’t work unless you use multiple passes which ends up burning the wood

Hi Sabrina,
Sorry to hear not all these products didn't work for you this time. They certainly can be cut on a diode as we've had great success. Perhaps try adjusting your settings and checking your mirrors. Hopefully we can line up on something else! Thank you.