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Seneca - Dock Plate XL

The Seneca Woodworking Dock Plate XL is an accessory that makes the repeated mortising of small pieces such as trim pieces or face frames quick and effortless. It attaches to both the Festool Domino df 500 and Domino XL df 700. Workpieces can be located with repeatable accuracy using the adjustable stop, which can be installed in three locations on the plate. Two locations for a Kreg Automax Bench Clamp allow easy left-hand or right-hand operation of the clamp. The Dock Plate XL will save you time and money by speeding up your workflow for mortising small parts.

The Dock Plate XL comes with one movable stop but a second or even third can be added (extra stops are available).

There are two versions of the Dock Plate XL: The Imperial version has an Imperial scale on the face for positioning the stops, and the plate thickness is the same as Seneca's "Domi-shim" so it's sized to work with their Imperial Thickness Gauge when used on the Domino XL.  The Metric version of the Dock Plate has a Metric scale on the face and the plate thickness is exactly 10mm.  This allows quick positioning the fence offset from the cutter by simply subtracting 10mm from the scale on the Domino.  Offset from the cutter centerline for either Dock Plate can be set manually with a rule or setup block.  When used with the Domino df 500, the offset from the cutter is set manually.

The Dock Plate XL is CNC machined from aircraft grade aluminum, anodized black, and laser engraved with imperial offset measurements. This is the first tool in Seneca's “Maker Collaboration” series of products, which they’ve designed in collaboration with other skilled craftsmen and makers.  This tool is designed to work with the Domino Dock by Ramon Valdez of Ramon Valdez Fine Furniture which can be purchased complete or as plans to build yourself.

The Domino Dock df 500 edition can be found HERE.   

The Domino Dock df 700 edition can be found HERE

Domino Dock df 700 edition PLANS 

Domino Dock df 500 edition PLANS 

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Customer Reviews

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Barrie Woodhurst (Kaslo, CA)
dock plate XL metric

I am just getting started with this so not sure yet. I ordered the small Kreg clamp to use with it. I think that will be necessary as All other clamps I have seem clumsy with it. I can say more when I get that I try it on the many chair legs I need to mortise. Mathias Wandel children's chair video on YouTube if you are interested.