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EZ-Edge Corner Plane

Crisp, clean edges from your saws and planers make your joinery come together professionally. But those sharp edges detract from the look and feel of your finished piece. They’re also vulnerable to damage and can be sharp enough to cut. That’s why experienced furniture and cabinetmakers soften the exposed edges of their work with a chamfer or radius. EZ-Edge Corner Planes make quick work of edge relief without changing bits in your router or plugging in anything. Just a few quick strokes with one of the four planes and you have either 1/8", 3/16" or 1/4" radius or 45° chamfer.

The vee-shaped sole of the EZ-Edge is a perfect 90°. When you rest it on the corner of your stock it centers the cutter right on the edge. The thumbwheel adjustment for the depth of cut falls conveniently under your thumb, just dial it in and watch the whisper thin shaving curl out of the plane as you glide along the board’s edge.

EZ-Edge Corner Planes can be adjusted for the most subtle cuts possible or take a few more passes to create more dramatic profiles. You have absolute control over the appearance of the cut (unlike softening an edge with a block plane). Each pass you take enlarges the bevel or radius an equal amount on both the face and edge…it’s always perfectly centered. Each pass is limited, too. You have to physically make a depth of cut adjustment for every cut you take. Your profiles will never appear heavier at one end of your piece than the other or randomly change angle in the middle.

The EZ-Edge cutters are machined from 01 tool steel for the ultimate in sharpness, hardened, and then precision ground and polished. They hold their edge remarkably well, even in tough material, but when they do need re-sharpening, it’s as simple as honing the flat side on any honing stone.

The machined aluminum bodies are comfortable to hold, with a profile reminiscent of antique molding and rabbet planes. The bodies are carefully anodized to reduce friction and provide a long-lasting wear surface that won’t mar your stock.  Woodpeckers engineered the blade adjustment system to deliver smooth adjustment and minimal backlash. Put it all together and you have tools that perform flawlessly, feel good in your hands and will last for generations.

Each EZ-Edge comes with a wall-mountable Rack-It™ for convenient storage. Changing the look of your piece is as simple as grabbing the next EZ-Edge off its Rack-It™. Each profile is available individually. Get just the ones you want, or save money and be ready to create the unique look you want for each of your creations with the complete set.  Replacement cutters are available, too, so you can always have one sharp and ready to go.

Like all Woodpeckers products, the EZ-Edge Corner Planes are precisely machined and carefully inspected in their Strongsville, Ohio factory (just south of Cleveland). 

  • Deluxe Set - Includes Four EZ-Edge Corner Planes, 1/8", 3/16", 1/4" Radius, 45 Degree Chamfer and 4 Rack-Its
  • 1/8" Radius Corner Plane - Includes EZ-Edge Corner Plane, 1/8" Radius cutter and Rack-It
  • 3/16" Radius Corner Plane - Includes EZ-Edge Corner Plane, 3/16" Radius cutter and Rack-It
  • 1/4" Radius Corner Plane - Includes EZ-Edge Corner Plane, 1/4" Radius cutter and Rack-It
  • 45 degree Chamfer Plane - Includes EZ-Edge Corner Plane, 45 degree Chamfer blade and Rack-It
  • 1/8" Radius Replacement Cutter - 1/8" Replacement blade only
  • 3/16" Radius Replacement Cutter  - 3/16" Replacement blade only
  • 1/4" Radius Replacement Cutter - 1/4" Replacement blade only
  • Chamfer Replacement Blade - 45 degree Chamfer Replacement blade only
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Original price $947.05
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