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FAMAG - 1594 Brad Point Drill Bits

FAMAG HSS-G Brad Point Drill Bits Series 1594

1594 series are the best drill bits available.

When it comes to brad point drill bits, we choose to stick with a manufacturer that we know well, and where we are sure that any tools bearing their name are made in house (no branded imports that could be of variable quality). FAMAG in Remscheid, Germany, has a long history of making top-quality tools, and has also shown itself to be remarkably innovative. 

Premium version brad point bit, fully ground quality with two main cutting edges and two taper taps. Specially ground spiral for very good chip removal. 

  • high-precision drillings thanks to the fully ground finish
  • perfectly suitable for all hard woods due to the use of high quality HSS steel
  • especially proper drilling pattern due to two grinded taper taps
  • perfect chip removal due to the fully ground deep hole spiral
  • very fast drilling as these twist drills require high speeds and feeds

Suitable for hardwood, all types of plywood, also suitable for some plastics, like arcylic glass, Corian, polycarbonate, PVC etc. Specially designed flutes ensure excellent chip removal.

Recommended speed 2400 - 8000 rpm. eg. 4mm - 5000 rpm in hard wood.
All dimensions in mm unless stated otherwise.

Famag 1594 Brad Point Drill Bits

Options: 2mm
Original price $6.95 - Original price $79.95
Original price
$6.95 - $79.95
Current price $6.95

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Victor preeper (Saint John, CA)

Not as expected

Tom Ryan (Portland, US)
FAMAG - 1599 Extra Long Brad Point Bits?

I received it a day ahead of when I was promised and it did exactly what I needed for multiple uses in guitar building

Gary Detrick (Silver City, US)