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FAMAG - Countersink Set with Rotating Depth Stop

Series 3577

High quality drill bit - countersink set with rotating depth stop. Depth of pre-drill is adjustable. Countersink angle 60°. This set is particularly well suited for deck construction. It makes it easy to drill screwholes and to countersink them properly and accurate in the deck boards. The depth stop is rotatably mounted and stops when it touches the workpiece. This prevents the depth stop from leaving marks on the deck boards. Adjust the depth so that the floor board is just perforated (board thickness). Thus, the self-tapping deck screw can find a perfect hold.

These depth stops feature a special brass cap which rotates with the depth stop. When the cap comes in contact with the workpiece, it stops rotating, which indicates that the desired depth has been reached; it also prevents the depth stop from making ugly friction marks on the work. Notches in the caps allow chips to escape.

Bit made of Alloy Tool Steel
Shaft with flat to prevent the drill bit from slipping
Countersink diameter 12 mm
Depth stop diameter 29 mm
The drill bit protrudes approx. 28 mm beyond the countersink. However, you can use any other wood or metal drill bit with a matching cylindrical shaft diameter. In effect, you’re free to choose the length of drill bit.
Total length 88 mm (measured without protruding bit)
With hex shank 6.35 mm (1/4")

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