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FAMAG - Forstner Depth Stop

FAMAG Depth Stop Supported by Ball Bearing

for Series 1622, 1630, 1663

This depth-stop is supported by a ball-bearing mounted bushing and stops rotating as soon as it touches the work-piece. The guide bushing is mounted on the stalk using a grub screw and depth is adjusted accordingly. Blind holes can thus always be drilled at the same wanted depth. The depth-stop is made from ABS and has an outer diameter of 65 mm. The guide bushing is made of steel.

Please note, that the depth stop stands 44 mm high, which has to be facilitated with respect to the drill. For larger depths, it is possible to mount the guide bushing in reverse, in order to obtain a larger adjustment of the depth-stop. Here the Forstner bit should be larger than the guide bushing, which has a diameter of 26 mm.

For use with Forstner bits the stalk diameter has to match the inner diameter of the bushing. The stalk being the upper part of the bit not entering the chuck.


  • 10-21mm - 1621.108
  • 22-27mm - 1621.110
  • 28-35mm - 1621.112
  • 36-40mm - 1621.114
  • 42-48mm - 1621.116
  • Depth Stop Set - 1621.200 (in wooden case) 
    • 10-48mm (contains 5 guide bushes, hex key and a pair of circlip pliers) 
Options: 10-21mm
Original price $46.95 - Original price $120.95
Original price
$46.95 - $120.95
Current price $46.95

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Gary Anderson (Surprise, US)

I tried one the other day, absolute amazing, no binding or squealing, no buildup when drilling. These are now the only forstner bits I will use.

Customer (Chapel Hill, US)
Excellent Experience

I bought some Famag Bormax 2.0 Fostner bits. The product ship very fast; it was as described. And work great. Will buy from here again, they have great high quality product for wood working.

Jean Marc (Clerval, CA)
Famag forstner

Perfect tool, very sharp