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Hexscale Rules

Wouldn't it be great to have one rule you could grab knowing you could reference from either end, measure in either inches or millimeters and locate the center of anything instantly? Well, now you can. With Woodpeckers HexScale Rule...six different graduations in one handy rule. Those of us old enough to remember when woodworking plans were drawn on a drafting table instead of a computer will also remember a triangular rule that was graduated with several different ratio scales and a normal inch scale. Woodpeckers has borrwed that shape to give you the six most useful graduations for woodworking all in one tool. Measure from right to left and left to right in inches or millimeters and locate the centre of anything in either system. Not only does HexScale put all the rules you need in one, the distinctive shape gets the laser-engraved scales right down on your material, virtually eliminating parallax viewing error.

All the scale options you need in one convenient tool:

Left to Right In day-to-day lay out work, this is the most familiar to woodworkers. With zero at the left edge of the rule the scale increases toward the right.

Right to Left Occasionally, a measurement needs to start from the right side, instead of the left. A familiar example of this is your table saw, where most often you need to measure from the rip fence on the right to the edge of the blade.

Centering Whether for hardware mounting or joinery, woodworkers often need the centre of a board. SA centreing scale takes all the math out of the equation. Just adjust the rule so the same measurement lines up on both edges and the zero will be at the exact centre of the material. You can then either mark centre or lay out points the same distance either side of centre.

Inch and Metric All three options mentioned above are on the HexScale in both inch and metric graduations. The scales are organized to help those trying to become fluent in metric. If you're looking at a scale in inches, roll the HexScale one time and the equivalent metric scale will replace it.

Stops We designed a stop to fit the profile of the HexScale for repetitive marking. Just slide it on, adjust it to the dimension you want and mark as many items as you need.

Four Lengths Woodpeckers makes the HexScale in 6", 12", 24" and 36" lengths. Each is available individually or get the complete set. The set includes all four HexScales, four stops andf a wall-mountable Rack-it to keep your HexScales right in plain sight and ready to go to work.

Like all Woodpeckers products, HexScales are precisely machined and carefully inspected in their Strongsville, Ohio facility just south of Cleveland.


Size: HexScale Rule 6"
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Louis Tremblay (Beaconsfield, CA)
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Always the same with woodpeckers tools, well made, consistent quality, excellent customer service