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Holiday Spirit Pack

High quality cast acrylic sheets for laser cutting

These four shades of gold pair so nicely together! Apple Red, Dark Sage Green, Gold Glitter, and Large Gold Flakes Acrylic Sheets are ideal for holiday projects, wedding decor, jewelry, signage, and various other creative projects. These high quality laser acrylic sheets are durable and easy to work with.

Manufactured by Houston Acrylic, our casted and filmed acrylic plastic sheets are perfect for using on a laser, CNC, or scroll saw. Think of all the cool projects you can do using this unique material; jewelry, crafts, signs, frames, and many kinds of art!

  • Thickness : 3mm (~1/8")
  • Size : 12" x 19"
  • Type : Casted
  • Protection: Film and/or Paper

Includes one 3mm piece of each: 

12" x 19" Apple Red
12" x 19" Dark Sage Green

12" x 19" Gold Glitter
12" x 19" Large Gold Flakes

Width and Length dimensions are +/- 1/2" of size listed.

Please allow a +/- ½ inch variation for length and width sizes, and a +/- 30% variation in thickness for all acrylic sheets. The corners/edges on acrylic sheets will be unfinished or slightly chipped from cutting down to size.

Please note that our products are typically paper masked and prepared for laser engraving, with some styles featuring a protective plastic film. While the plastic film is deemed laser-safe, we advise removing it and substituting it with a paper masking option for optimal results. Should you observe any lifting or tearing of the paper masking, we recommend removal and replacement for the best laser processing experience.

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