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Laser Cutting Starter Package - Medium ( 1/4" )

Test your laser settings before you commit! 

We have combined our most popular laser cutting plywood materials into a handy starter package. Every laser is different, so we recommend starting off with this package and recording what settings give you the best results for engraving and cutting on your laser cutting machine. This particular size fits perfectly within a Glowforge! Not all laser cutters can cut through 1/4" material so this starter package is great to test out what your machine is capable of. 

Shop online for 6mm plywood for laser engraving and cutting. Have fun with the 6mm acrylic sheet! You'll be amazed at how many unique projects this clear plexiglass comes in handy for. 

Includes one 6mm piece of each: 

12" x 20" Baltic Birch
12" x 19" Clear Acrylic
12" x 19" MDF 
12" x 19" Cherry Craft Plywood

Dimensions are +/- 1/4" of size listed.

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Original price $31.10
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Customer Reviews

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Gord Potter (Peterborough, CA)
Great Craft/Laser Quality

I have ordered the Laser Grade materials 4 times. Every piece except one was exceptional high grade quality for laser work ( 1 of 15 pieces). quick shipping within 3 days of order each time. And overall high quality grade laser quality materials.