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Live Edge River Set - Maple

Cut and ready to go pieces for your next epoxy pour!

We've prepared these pieces so they are trimmed, ripped with a straight edge, and ready to go into your epoxy form.

Of course the widths vary - but you should expect the two pieces to add up to about 8"-12" wide. This item is one of a kind! Slight variations are to be expected and admired. Yours may not have the same grain pattern as those pictured -  but will still be carefully selected by our staff to ensure you are getting a beautiful live edge piece.

These boards have been kiln dried and surfaced to show the grain and colour. We will carefully handpick 2 pieces of 3"-5" wide boards in the length of your choice. Thickness is between 3/4" - 15/16". Boards will often have only partial bark or no bark at all.

Enjoy quantity discounts when purchasing more than one board.


  • 2 Pieces
  • 8"- 12" wide (total)
  • 18", 24", and 36" long
  • 3/4" to 15/16" thick
  • kiln dried and surfaced

No-Leak Epoxy Form

  • We recommend using our No-Leak epoxy forms so you can just set in the two pieces and get pouring!

Chill Ice 1

Rubio Monocoat

  • We recommend Rubio Monocoat if you are using these boards for crafting. The oil will add a richness of colour while adding durability and longevity to your project.

Honey Bee's Natural Wood Cream

Length: 18"
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$20.95 - $31.50
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