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Mini In-Dexable Combination & Double Squares

Since the release of Woodpeckers in-DEXABLE squares, they have been swamped with requests for a smaller version. Well, it was already done (almost). The final testing wasn't complete in time to launch them together, so here they are, with all the same great features in a pocket-friendly pair. The Mini Combination Square has a 1" wide blade that's 6" long while the Mini Double Square has a 4" long blade. Both have all the same great features of the standard and XL sized adjustable squares. Features like laser-accurate scribing guides, positive indexing at every fully inch, a sliding head support and precise, laser-engraved scales.

The feature Woodpeckers thinks you'll find most useful on these new squares is the laser-cut scribing guides cut every sixteenth-inch along the blade. The guides are just the right size to capture a pencil tip for highly accurate parallel scribing. But where's the "zero point" for the scribing guides? How do you get a true starting point with a head that moves? Just depress the spring-loaded index pin and lock the head at any full your scribing guides are dialed in and ready for accurate parallel marking.

For years, one of their customers' favourite features of their fixed-head squares has been the shoulder that keeps the square in position on the edge of your stock. They've added that to the adjustable squares, too. Just slide the head support out to keep the head of your square perfectly positioned without needing three hands. If it's in the way, it just slides back into the head and doesn't interfere with the alignment of the square in any way.

The scales engraved on the blades of the squares have16ths on one edge and 32nds on the other. All scales are laser engraved to a tolerance of .004" total accumulated error over the entire length of the blade. That's about the thickness of a human hair spread over the entire blade length. The stainless-steel blades go through a multi-step finishing process to give them a lustrous satin finish, and the deeply engraved graduations are crisp and dark and will never wear off. 

Machined from cast and ground tool plate aluminum, the heads weight less than the cast iron heads found on other brands of small adjustable squares. The bright "Woodpeckers Red" anodized finish makes the square easy to find in your shop and they'll never rust, regardless of your working environment. Not only does the anodizing protect the square and make it look great, it also creates a surface engineered to slide along your stock with minimal friction and do it for years upon years without wearing. 

The Combination Square comes with a 6" blade. The Double Square comes with a 4" blade. There's also an optional 8" blade that you can add. Both Mini Squares come with a wall-mountable Rack-It to keep your square protected, but still always in plain sight. The Complete Set includes both squares, two Rack-Its and the 8" blade, which will fit either head.

Like all Woodpeckers products, the in-DEXABLE Mini Combination Squares and Mini Double Squares are precisely machined and carefully inspected in their Strongsville, Ohio factory (just South of Cleveland).

  • Combination & Double Square Set (MCDSQ-SET-21) - Includes both Squares, 4", 6" & 8" blades and 2 Rack-Its
  • Combination Square (MCSQ-21) - Combo Square with 6" blade & Rack-It
  • Double Square (MDSQ-21) - Double Square with 4" blade & Rack-It
  • 8" Blade (MCDSQ-BL8-21) - 8" blade for Combo and Double Square
  • 6" Blade (MCDSQ-BL6-21) - 6" blade for Combo and Double Square
  • 4" Blade (MCDSQ-BL4-21) - 4" blade for Combo and Double Square

Options: Combo & Double Square Set
Original price $55.95 - Original price $379.95
Original price
$55.95 - $379.95
Current price $55.95

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Tamas Anti (Etobicoke, CA)

Great 👍

Darkhorse (Vancouver, CA)
I want to love it.

Compared to my Irwin of the same size, the body is smaller and so the 90deg reference face is significantly shorter. Both squares nest into eachother perfectly and both are the same "squareness". So the only advantage is the indexing capabilities, which are handyish but other tools like Incra Tiny T are easier to use and do the same job. The top offset is 1/4" perfect for finish carpentry reveals. Would have been a huge bonus if it had a 1/4" index for corner reveal marking (door casing reveals). This is my main use for the tool so the extra dollars are not justified. Its nice but for my use I would not recommend at this price.

Andrew Full (Ottawa, CA)
Great Fathers Day Gift

I bought the 6" combination square as a gift for the guy who has everything. It's expensive but the quality is there. I ran several tests and the accuracy was dead on. I love the slide-out support in the base and its lighter than my Starrett, so its more comfortable in a pocket.