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No-Leak Resin Mold

Never worry about spills and leaks again with these reusable Epoxy forms! 

We've all made epoxy forms using plywood and tape - but between the cost, time, and single use - it leaves something to be desired. KJP carries a reusable HMWPE (High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) pre-made resin mold that will solve all these problems! These reusable NO-LEAK Molds are designed with the DIY’er and Weekend Warrior in mind; they are very affordable for someone just starting off in the epoxy world.

Simply tap the sides, turn the form over and tap the back with a mallet and watch your creation pop out of the mold. The sides are fabricated at a 7 degree to allow your project to drop out. 

Place form flat on a work table, do not have it elevated (Blocks, saw horses, clamps). If elevated the form will bow due to the epoxy heating up and expanding the HMWPE.

Key features:

  • Durable and Reusable: Our one-piece thermal formed Molds are built to last. Tested extensively, these molds resist cracks, leaks, and stand up to repeated use.
  • User-Friendly Design: Each mold features a 7-degree open side wall, ensuring easy release once your piece has cured. The mold's HMWPE (High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) construction guarantees a smooth surface that won't stick to high-quality, slow curing resins.
  • Huge Time Saver: With our Molds, there's no need to build a mold every time you start a project. This saves you precious time and lets you focus more on the creative aspects of your woodworking.
  • Leak-Free Assurance: Say goodbye to the risk of leaking epoxy! Our molds provide a secure, contained space for your resin, giving you peace of mind as you work.
  • Variety of Sizes: Choose from an array of inside dimensions to fit your unique project needs. From Coaster Molds to larger 24" by 48" by 3" Coffee Table Sized Molds, we have you covered. 

Don't forget to use our HDPE Clamping blocks to hold down your wood!


1. We always recommend flattening your wood before starting any epoxy project.

2. Place the piece(s) into the form in your desired design/pattern.

3. Secure the wood down using something heavy or use clamps.

4. Mix and pour your epoxy

5. Once your epoxy is fully cured (time depends on epoxy type/brand) flip the form upside down and use a rubber mallet to tap the bottom and middle of side walls to release your pour.

6. That's it! Easy!

Place form flat on a work table and clamp down to it as your reference surface; do not have it elevated (blocks, saw horses, clamps). If elevated the form will bow due to the epoxy heating up and expanding the HDPE.

Type: No-Leak
Size: 10" X 18"
Original price $79.95 - Original price $159.95
Original price
$79.95 - $159.95
Current price $79.95

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jo Prud'homme (Gatineau, CA)
Amazing product and affordable

The molds (12x24 and 24x48) are good quality products. They work just fine as they are supposed to however they do require a bit of adjustment for first try. For example the base is not the same size as top edges so you need to calculate some room for wood or item to fit the molds. This is purely due to material of the mold and the fact that its a one piece no leak. I got my measurements right after a couple fit trial and it works just fine. Don't put your items too tight, the material does not bend and you will have a hard time demoling.

I gave a 5 star because overall i'm super satisfied and they are very affordable comparing to other competitors. I wish they would have additional sizes.

Malek Ali (London, CA)

No-Leak Resin Mold

Jack Tackett (Sidney, US)
Worked Great

My first time doing an epoxy poor. The silicone mold worked great and my charcuterie board turned out great. Clean-up was super easy with the mold