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Paolini Pocket Rules

In the hills of western North Carolina professional woodworker Greg Paolini builds one-of-a-kind commissioned furniture and exquisite custom kitchens. In his spare time, he tries to figure out how to make woodworking faster, easier and more enjoyable. Several years ago, he inspired Woodpeckers to come up with the ideal woodworker’s pocket rule. Paolini Pocket Rules have been a favorite OneTIME Tool ever since. A simple add-on rule-stop and thoughtful calibration layout make these the perfect fit for your apron pocket. Answering thousands of requests, the Paolini Pocket Rules are now joining Woodpeckers permanent product line-up. 

When you need vertical measurement, slide the stop off the end and insert it into the cut-out on the blade. Now your rule has a perfect stand to keep it upright while you use both hands to dial in the height of a router bit, saw blade or dado stack, matching it to the easy-to-read scale engraved on the end of the rule.

Easy-to-Use calibration designs. The inch model has 1/16" and 1/32" scales on both sides. They’re lined up so if you need the finer scale, you just flip the rule over and you’re there. Same thing for the end scale, just flip it over to look at finer or coarser graduations. It’s a welcome feature if your shop lighting isn’t perfect or if your eyesight isn’t what it used to be. If you prefer metric, Woodpeckers offer the same rules with 1mm scales on both sides. If your work demands you use both inch and metric, we’ve got you covered. We offer a combo calibration, with 1/16" and 1mm scales on one side and 1/32" and 1mm on the other.

Two material choices and three calibration options. The bright white laser engraved scales on the “Woodpecker Red” anodized surface make the original aluminum Paolini Pocket Rule one of the easiest-to-read rules on the market, as well as one of the lightest. If you prefer a thinner rule, go for the stainless steel version. Both are milled to a precise 1-inch width. The anodized aluminum rule is 1/8" thick and the stainless model is 1/16" thick. Both are available with your choice of inch-only, metric-only or inch-metric combo calibrations. Regardless of the material or calibration choice you make, you’ll love the clean, precise look of Woodpeckers state-of-the-art laser engraving, as will generations of woodworkers to come.

PPRRI-AC = PPR RACK-IT + Aluminum Paolini Pocket Rule Combination Inch/Metric = Rack-it, 6"/150mm, 8"/200mm, 12"/300mm

Measurement: 6"/150mm Aluminum
Original price $55.95 - Original price $225.95
Original price
$55.95 - $225.95
Current price $55.95

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Bob (Toronto, CA)
Pasolini pocket rule

Superb quality and a pleasure to use, worth the premium price

Yazan Abu Esh Sheikh (Amman, JO)
Amazing customer service

Im not going to talk about the product as the products are fine. However I will say something about the exceptional customer service I received. I needed the product very quickly as it was a gift for someone who was traveling within 3 days of when i placed the order. Called the customer service dept. and they assured me that they will do their best to ship it ASAP. They did and I received the product in less than 48 hrs and managed to give the gift to my friend. So thanx again KJP. Will be buying from you again.

Wojtek (Toronto, CA)
Great tool

One of these tools that you always keep in your apron. Very versatile (6"/150mm). I would recommend the SS version due to 1/16" thickness.