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Pegas Chuck Set (Dewalt/Delta)

Elevate your Dewalt or Delta scroll saw! 

Made from aircraft-grade aluminum (which is as hard as steel but much lighter) these revolutionary Pegas Blade Chuck Heads fit the DeWalt DW788 20-inch Scroll Saw and the Delta 40-694 20-inch Scroll Saw. Unlike the stock blade clamps on these saws, which are made from soft but heavy cast aluminum, the Pegas Blade Chuck Heads resist stripping and make it easy to adjust the position of the thumb screws and clamping screws, which secure the blades better and prevent the dreaded "hockey stick" at the ends of the blades.

The identical top and bottom clamps make it easy to bottom feed (feeding the blades up through the blade-entry holes from the bottom) or top feed (feeding the blades down from the top through the blade-entry holes). 

More about Pégas Saw Blades

Made from high quality carbon steel in Switzerland, Pégas scroll saw blades are the absolute best blades on the market.

What makes them so good?

  • They contain the highest possible carbon content for saw blade applications
  • Their fabrication process has been proven to consistently provide crisp, sharp, and precisely formed teeth
  • All blades are heat treated and tempered to maintain their integrity, structure, and the utmost hardness possible
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Customer Reviews

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Ross (East Gwillimbury, CA)
Excellent product

This piece has significantly improved cutting accuracy on my Dewalt scroll saw. It allows the blades to last longer while still cutting accurately.