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Pica - BIG Ink

Smart Use Marker XL

A combination of deep-hole and permanent marker: the 'Smart-Use Marker' BIG Ink. With its thick tip, it can be used for both powerful and precise marking on all smooth materials. The extra long tip marks hard-to-reach places. The XL marker is versatile and has many well thought-out features.

About the marker:

  • Suitable for all smooth and dry surfaces
  • Soft and sturdy special tip: unique writing feel
  • Marker always at hand due to side holster
  • 'Twist&Revive': The double writing tip can be twisted and reinserted - for quick revival
  • XL ink reservoir: longer write time
  • For the first time: Marker also available in white
  • Ink refill set for refilling

About the ink:

  • Immediately water and abrasion resistant
  • Permanent alcohol-based ink

Instant White:

  • Water- and smudge-proof after approx. 20 sec.
  • Permanent water-based ink
  • Always close the marker to prevent it from drying out

Tip: 2-4mm
Marker Length: 160mm

Available in:

  • Red - 170/40
  • Blue - 170/41
  • Black - 170/46
  • White - 170/52
Options: Red
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