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Rip-Flip Fence System

Repeatable accuracy. Nothing makes work in the shop go smoother than a device that delivers repeatable accurate results. For years miter gauges, router tables and drill presses have had flip stops to give you repeatability when you need it, get out of the way when you don't and are always ready to come back to work on a second's notice. Woodpeckers newest invention, the Rip-Flip Fence Stop System takes precision and convenience of the flip stop somewhere it's never been before... your table saw rip fence. Whether you have a specific dimension that you use day in and day out (rail and stile stock width, for example) or need to save a critical dimension during just on project, the Rip-Flip will return your fence to the exact same position time and time again.

To use a Rip-Flip Stopjust flip it up, slide the fence until it contacts the brass tip of the stop and lock your fence. It's that easy. The large knurled brass knobs and thumbwheels make fine adjustments and secure locking quick and accurate. The stops are symmetrical, so they can be installed to contact the left side of the fence or the right, the choice is yours.

Woodpeckers wasn't satisfied with just adding flip-stop convenience and precision to the rip fence. They took it to the next level by coupling two stops together to produce perfect fitting dadoes without the hassle of repeated trial-and-error attempts to get just the right combination of chippers and shims. Simply assemble your dado stack to at least half the width of your finished dado. Then, with a few turns of the micro-adjuster you can fine tune a perfect fitting dado by making two cuts; one against each stop.

Woodpeckers is not done. Now that you have the dado dialed in for a perfect fit, the coupled stops can be repositioned anywhere along the rail and the dado will remain exactly the same width without ever readjusting anything. Think about fitting multiple shelves in a cabinet. Just slide the fence and the coupled pair of stops to wherever you want a shelf and the dado width is perfect and automatic.

This Rip-Flip Fence Stop System is compatible with SawStop brand saws, including the Contractor, Professional and Industrial table saws equipped with their unique "T-Glide" fence. Integrating the Rip-Flip System with your table saw takes just a few minutes. It won't affect the alignment of your rip fence rail and doesn't require removing any original parts. Once the track is installed, you can position the Rip-Flip Stops anywhere along the rail, in any combination of right, left or coupled stops.

Sizes match the 36" and 52" SawStop T-Glide fences. All Rip-Flip systems come with mounting brackets and hardware, anodized aluminum track, two Rip-Flip Stops and one dado Coupling Pin. Additional Flip Stops and Coupling Pins are also available separately.

Like all Woodpeckers products, the Rip-Flip Fence Stop System is precisely machined and carefully inspected in their Strongsville, Ohio manufacturing facility (just south of Cleveland). 



Options: 52" Capacity (Fits SawStop)
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Michel Girard (Saint-Sauveur, CA)
Rip-Flip Fence System

Easy ro install. Great finish. Works as promised.