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Rule Stop 1"

Take any rule; add a stop and accurate, repetitive marks are at your finger tips. This approach is a tried and true marking method for woodworkers.

The Woodpeckers one inch Rule Stop is designed to fit rules up to 1-1/2” wide. A two inch version is also available for larger rules. The Rule Stop's precision machined edges align easily with engraved scale graduations.

One nice advantage of its exact one inch dimension is the ability to position it accurately between two graduations spaced one inch apart. In other words if the Stop is clamped between the five and six inch marks on a twelve inch rule, the offset distance is of course five and six inches from each end.

The screw and posts are stainless steel, the knob is brass and the two body parts are machined aluminum blocks and anodized for years of consistent performance.

Like all Woodpeckers woodworking tools, these precision stops are machined in house at Woodpeckers to ensure top notch quality and full control of every step of the manufacturing process. Accordingly, if you ever have a problem with these Rule Stops, we'll take care of it. Made in the U.S.A.

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