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S4S White Limba Lumber

Not just for guitars and tonewood - but furniture too!

There is a large range of colour to Limba from light yellow to golden brown. In some cases there are grey to black streaks that is referred to as black limba. The lighter colours are sometimes referred to as white limba. As the wood ages, it tends to get darker. 

White Limba is also very popular for our luthier customers who use it to make solid-body electric guitars due to it's very light weight and density. 

If you would like to do the milling yourself - try our 4/4 Rough Cut White Limba Lumber for a more budget friendly version.

What can you expect?

  • 1/2", 5/8", or 3/4" thick
  • 4-3/4" wide
  • 24", 36", or 48" long

In order to offer more protective packing for shipping - our lengths are often 1/4" less than sizes listed. Need a longer length? Please email us for a quote.

S4S Lumber

Who are they for? These are ideal for those who aren’t equipped with the necessary tools to flatten and straighten boards.

The term "surfaced" or "dressed" refers to a piece of wood that has been milled. To achieve the necessary dimensions, we select a larger board to work from. Both faces and edges are then surfaced so you can be assured that the board is flat and straight. These boards are available in specific sizes.

For example: 3/4” x 5-1/4” x 24”

Rough Cut Lumber

Who are they for? These are ideal for those who enjoy working with machinery or hand tools to mill their own boards.

We use this term to describe boards that require additional milling. Rough cut lumber have been run through the planer to show the grain however they have not been dressed. You will need to mill both faces and edges. Rough cut lumber are available in specific lengths with varying widths.

For example: 4/4 x (5-6”) x 24”

You will receive a board that is just shy of an inch thick, with a width in the range of 5-6”, and is 24” long.

Rough Cut Lumber vs S4S Lumber

Thickness: 1/2"
Width: 4-3/4"
Length: 24"
Original price $20.95 - Original price $31.95
Original price $20.95
$15.71 - $23.96
Current price $15.71

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
William J Hamilton (Oshawa, CA)

8/4 Rough Cut Black Limba Lumber

jerome gagnon (Saint-Vianney, CA)
nice wood

got some black limba to do a guitar body, received a real nice piece that'll make a real nice looking guitar that you won't see everyday. ill surely order more in the near future as it came very quick.

Jeremy Bellows (Edmonton, CA)
Beautiful wood

I’m always very pleased with the lumber they select for me. Obviously every piece can’t be something spectacular but there’s usually at least one piece that really stands out and shows the true beauty of the species.