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Saw Gauge 2.0

Adjusting the alignment between the blade and the miter slot of your table saw is the single most important thing you can do to improve your woodworking. The next item on that list is adjusting your rip fence to be parallel to the miter slot. With the miter slot, rip fence and blade all parallel to each other, your table saw is ready to deliver accurate cuts. Woodpeckers new Saw Gauge 2.0 makes those adjustments easier and more accurately than any other tool on the market. What sets Woodpeckers Saw Gauge 2.0 apart from the rest is the method of registering the gauge in the miter slot.

After-market table saw accessories have always faced the same dilemma; miter gauge slots vary widely by both design and manufacturing tolerance. Woodpeckers founder, Rich Hummel, solved the problem (and received a patent for it) while working on the original Saw Gauge. By dropping two small polished pins in the bottom of the slot and placing a larger pin between them, the middle pin stays precisely centered regardless of the miter slot width or any deviation from end to end. It doesn’t matter what kind of saw -- old, new, American legend, European masterpiece or Asian import -- if the slot is in the neighborhood of 3/4", Woodpeckers Saw Gauge 2.0 registers precisely on the center of the miter slot.

Just drop the pins in the miter slot, adjust the arm so the dial indicator just kisses the saw blade and check it at the front and back of the blade. It’s that easy. The “2.0” part comes next. While Woodpeckers original Saw Gauge uses the same slot location method, it has a maximum reach of 6-1/2 inches. In version 2.0, the arm that holds the dial indicator can be extended.

The basic arm of Saw Gauge 2.0 has a little over 5 inches of travel…just right for miter slot to blade measurements. Add the extension and you can check your rip fence for parallel up to 20 inches away from the miter slot. Check at several different points along the travel of the fence and you have just confirmed that the rip fence rail is perpendicular to the miter slot. The extra-long, tight-tolerance track connectors ensure that the arm is rigid and straight.

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