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Seneca - Stowaway Dogs (4 Pack)

One of the best ways to locate stock for making square cuts on your Festool MFT table is a pair (or two) of bench dogs.  One problem is when comes time to use the surface of the MFT table to hold a large workpiece, the dogs often 'ran away!'  The dogs always ended up in a pocket, tool belt, bottom of a random Systainer, the floor, or even at home in the washing machine! Seneca decided it was time to fix this problem...

The Seneca Woodworking Stowaway Dogs are bench dogs that have learned a new trick; a T-shaped feature in the bottom of the Stowaway Dog allows you to stow them on the side of the MFT table in the T-Slot. This allows you to keep your dogs out of the way when you don't need them but keeps them handy for when you do. 

Stowaway Dogs are CNC machined from aircraft grade aluminum to precision tolerances, giving you quick, accurate reference for making cuts. Sized for 20mm dog holes on the Festool MFT table, these dogs protrude 1/2" above the top of the table and have a diameter that matches Seneca Clamp Dogs so that they can be used together for square cuts.  

Available for purchase by the set of four.  Sets of four include a plastic foam lined storage case. 

Three of the colours (red, green & blue) are limited edition and only available until the stock runs out. Black and clear (silver) anodize will be permanent additions to the Seneca product line.

Colour: Red Dogs
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