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Thick Craft MDF - Exterior

Perfect for outdoor signs! 

Exterior MDFs are known to have good moisture resistance and are designed for exterior applications but can also be used indoors in places where there are high levels of humidity, such as bathrooms or laboratories.

What are Extira panels?

• A treated wood composite panel product for non-structural paint-grade applications
engineered for exterior use, including high moisture environments.
• Sanded two sides (S2S) for a smooth, unprimed surface; meets caliper requirements of
+/- 0.005."

What are the key benefits of Extira panels?

• Easy to work with; can be carved, routed and machined.
• Resists moisture, rot, and termites. Outperforms MDF in accelerated weathering tests and
engineered for exterior use.
• No added urea formaldehyde; made from sustainable materials.
• Class C fire rating; Flame spread 120; Smoke developed 95.

Looking for a larger sheet? Check out our Exterior MDF options available in 4' x 4' or 4' x 8'  for curbside pickup HERE!

Thickness: 1/2"
Size: 24" x 24"
Original price $22.95 - Original price $25.95
Original price
$22.95 - $25.95
Current price $22.95

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