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Titebond Wood Glue Pump

Quick, easy, & clean!

The Titebond Wood Glue Pump is a great addition to every workshop, big or small. It is the perfect way to refill smaller bottles quickly, easily, and with less mess! It attaches to both gallon and PROjug bottles and with a simple push of the pump, you are on your way to refilling any bottle of your choice. It is made of durable plastic materials, provides a no-clog application, and cleans up with water.

Features & Benefits

  • Fits Gallon and PROjug Bottles
  • Refills Smaller Bottles
  • Less Mess – Reduces Waste
  • No Clog Applicator
  • Easy Water Cleanup

Physical Properties

  • Size: 17.25" long and 8" wide
  • Color: Black and white
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Original price
$22.95 - $22.95
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Customer Reviews

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Pierre Bélisle (Arnprior, CA)
Titebond Pump

Easy to use. Each full depression gives 30ml of glue. Small cap seals the nozzle, preventing the glue from drying and clogging.