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TruFlat® Maple Plywood

Finally, plywood guaranteed flat! Pre-finished plywood perfect for Laser Cutters, Scroll Saws & CNCs!  

If you're tired of having to use hold downs and fighting plywood that doesn't stay flat, TruFlat® pre-finished plywood is the solution you've been looking for! TruFlat® stays flat and lets you focus on cutting your next project quickly and easily.

With the smooth pre-finish on both sides, you can also engrave and wipe on paint fills with super easy cleanup. You don't even need masking as the paint wipes right off!

  • Affordable price
  • Pre-finished - cut and go
  • Guaranteed flat
  • No masking required
  • Cut & Engrave
  • Paint Fill Engrave
  • Wipes clean with easy cleanup
  • Offered in 5 convenient sizes
  • Sublimate

TruFlat® plywood is always sold good 2 sides and is pressed onto a defect free MDF core for easy cutting. Thickness is approximately 3.6mm. Sizes of sheets can vary +/- 1/4" 

  • 100% recycled/recovered wood fiber core
  • Engineered Tru-Color & Tru-Wood designer faces
  • Clear acrylic finish on both sides
Thickness: Thin ( 1/8" )
Size: 12" x 12"
Original price $4.50 - Original price $31.95
Original price
$4.50 - $31.95
Current price $4.50

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Kareen (Kingsville, CA)

We bought 3 sheets of TruFlat just to test the material less than two weeks ago. Each sheet was $6.95 CAD and now the price is $4.50 CAD. Honestly, this was not worth $6.95. It looks cheap. It's not real veneer, it's like a textured paper on top of a MDF core. This should have been mentioned in the description about the "finish", I would have never purchased TruFlat. I got the maple, black and white. It's flat indeed but that's about its only benefit. I'll go back to sanding and putting a few coats of finish on the craft maple plywood, it feels and looks so much better.

Edit: So, I did make a mistake with the price. I apologize. Indeed, it's $4.50 for the 12x12 not the 12x19. I do stand by the fact that it feels too much money for what it is. It feels like a textured paper even though I understand it's not paper. The faces are made of Engineered Tru-Color & Tru-Wood designer faces which means nothing to anyone who first buys the product and that detail is not in the description but on a different tab. I thought I had found the holy grail with TruFlat but, sadly, it's not the case. Oh well, I will happily keep on purchasing your craft maple plywood instead, it's great.

Hi Kareen,
Thanks for the feedback. The price is still $6.95 - you are looking at the smaller 12' x 12' pricing I think. It is also not a paper - the website describes what it is under the 'What is it made of tab?'.
Very happy to hear you like working with the Maple Craft Plywood though!

Keith (Lakewood, US)
Great quality

Amazing products. I bought the walnut, black and white 3mm boards. Arrived in great shape and is truly flat. Will be buying some more.

Dollene Quinn (Cleveland, US)
Tru Flat black

Excellent product. Game changer for our business.