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TruFlat® Wood Pack

Finally, plywood guaranteed flat! Pre-finished plywood perfect for Laser Cutters, Scroll Saws & CNCs!  

The TruFlat® Wood Pack includes 3 sheets of 1/8" x 12" x 19"

If you're tired of having to use hold downs and fighting plywood that doesn't stay flat, TruFlat® pre-finished plywood is the solution you've been looking for! TruFlat® stays flat and lets you focus on cutting your next project quickly and easily.

With the smooth pre-finish on both sides, you can also engrave and wipe on paint fills with super easy cleanup. You don't even need masking as the paint wipes right off!

  • Affordable price!
  • Pre-finished - cut and go!
  • No masking required!
  • Cut & Engrave
  • Paint Fill Engrave
  • Wipes clean with easy cleanup!

TruFlat® plywood is always sold good 2 sides and is pressed onto a defect free MDF core for easy cutting. Thickness is approximately 3.6mm. Sizes of sheets can vary +/- 1/4" 

The TruFlat® Wood Pack includes 3 sheets of 1/8" x 12" x 19"

  • 100% recycled/recovered wood fiber core
  • Engineered Tru-Color & Tru-Wood designer faces
  • Clear acrylic finish on both sides
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Original price $20.85
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Current price $14.95

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Keith (Lakewood, US)
Great quality

Amazing products. I bought the walnut, black and white 3mm boards. Arrived in great shape and is truly flat. Will be buying some more.

Dollene Quinn (Cleveland, US)
Tru Flat black

Excellent product. Game changer for our business.

MJensen (Surrey, CA)
Juts ordered warned this is not a true walnut veneer

I have ordered the craft 1/8" walnut plywood from KJP with great results, but this 'TruFlat' stuff is not real walnut. In any case, looks very different from the other laserable walnut mdf-veneered product I have from Trotec, as well as the other craft ply walnut from KJP- which is good for lasering, btw. Order a sample first. It is very flat tho, but lookswise its not what we were looking for... not going to get this again.