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Woodfiller Quick

Quick curing shrink-proof putty!

Rubio® Monocoat Woodfiller Quick is a one-component, shrink-proof putty in mixable powder form. This product guarantees quick curing and is applied on interior joinery. Rubio® Monocoat Woodfiller Quick can be sanded very easily. The product has an excellent ability to absorb any correspondent finishing colour from the Rubio® Monocoat range. Rubio® Monocoat Woodfiller Quick is environmentally friendly.

  • Available in Light, Medium, or Dark
  • 0.5 kg

Specific characteristics

  • Quick curing
  • Shrink-proof
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Excellent colour absorption 
  • Easy sanding


Mix 5 parts of Rubio® Monocoat Woodfiller Quick powder with 2 parts of water.
The blend can be used immediately.
The treated location can be sanded after 2 hours (20°C and 40% relative humidity).
Rubio® Monocoat Woodfiller Quick may bulge slightly while drying.

Lifespan of the blend:

The product can be used for 35 minutes when preserved in a sealed pot and in an environmental temperature of 20°C.›

Cleaning of the tools:

Used tools can be cleaned with water.

    Colour: Light Woodfiller
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