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Easy DIY Name Sign

Anyone else getting stir crazy at home? If "Into the Unknown" means anything to you, I'm sure you'll appreciate something fun to try!

Karen's daughter wanted a sign for her door, so she quickly whipped something up with the help of her toddler. 

This is a quick & easy project that takes less than an hour to make. 

Note: Ideally you want to use a professional grade stain such as Rubio or Osmo, but if you don't have that on hand you make do with home craft supplies! 

Materials Used:
1/4" x 12" Baltic Birch Round
Walnut Peel & Stick Veneer - 12" x 12"
Baby Wipes
Acrylic Paint

Step 1: Sand your piece

Step 2: Apply your stain (see note above) A quick and easy alternative to a wood stain is applying craft paint with a baby wipe. It spreads easily, and it dries very quickly. It's not very durable, but hey... this is only to give your kids a break from the TV!

Step 3: Design what you want your sign to look like. Pick a name, an image, or both

Step 4: Ideally you have a Cricut Maker and can cut out your image. If you don't, grab a sharp utility knife and a self healing cutting mat. Print out your design and tape it to your veneer. Slowly and carefully cut out your design. (Important: make sure your toddler is far away!) 

Step 5: Peel off the veneer backing, and stick your design to the Baltic Birch round. It is that easy! 

Step 6 (Optional, but recommended): Seal your project with a clear finish for durability and a more polished look. We sell 20ml sizes of Rubio which would be perfect for these small crafts. 

Here's a few progress shots of this easy DIY name sign. Karen's undecided for what embellishment to add. Any ideas?

Hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial. Curious how to make anything? Let us know and that may just be a future blog post :-) 

DIY Craft Project
DIY Name Sign with Baltic Birch and Veneer

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