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How to Make a Cribbage Board

Follow along to learn how to make a DIY Cribbage Board

What is a cribbage board?

This popular card game requires a board with multiple holes to track your progress with small pins. Building a cribbage board out of wood is a very popular woodworking project! You can refer to this popular link to learn how to play cribbage

How to make a cribbage board

Now let's learn how to build a cribbage board! 

1) Choose a piece of wood. You could choose from a Live Edge Charcuterie Board, a Live Edge Oval, or S4S Lumber.

We would suggest something that is not overly figured as a wild grain pattern in combination with all the drilled holes may not be desirable. Save the Bird's Eye Maple for a future project! Maple and Walnut are commonly used for cribbage boards. 

2) Cut the board down to your desired size. You could keep things simple and begin with a rectangular shape, or spice it up with a rounded top side. Using a roundover router bit, you can easily soften the sides for that little extra touch.

If you really want to spice it up, consider using a No-Leak Resin Mold and combine your wood with a complimentary colour of epoxy

If you aren't equipped to mill your own wood, our S4S Lumber would be perfect. 

3) Sand, sand, and then keep sanding. 

4) Using template tape, adhere the cribbage board template to your wood. 

5) Make a coffee! Grab your drill and a decent drill bit. Trust us, it will make a difference. Our recommendation for success is using a quality Famag drill bit with a Depth Adjusting Collar.  

6) Apply a durable wood finish such as Rubio Monocoat Pure Oil 2C. One coat and you're done! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How many holes in a cribbage board?

Our templates are made with the regulation amount which is 120 holes. Aren't you glad you made that coffee? 

Can you use this template as a travel cribbage board?

Yes, absolutely! You can easily bring your completed cribbage board with you wherever you go. Its compact size can fit in any standard backpack or travel purse. It's the perfect game to play while you're waiting for a flight or bored on a long car ride. 

How can I make a personalized cribbage board?

It's easier than you think! Connect with someone who has a laser engraver or CNC and add a name or personalized saying. A quick personalization can make your cribbage board a sentimental and functional gift. 

Need some cribbage board design inspiration?

Spend some time on our Instagram feed exploring our #madewithkjpwood hashtag. You'll be sure to find some beautiful creations. 

Get started with our high quality wood products and quickly create your very own DIY cribbage board! 

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