Handpicked rough cut lumber

6/4 Rough Cut Lumber ( 1-1/2" )

6/4 Rough Cut Walnut Lumber
From $33.50
6/4 Rough Cut Cherry Lumber
From $22.95
6/4 Rough Cut Maple Lumber
From $21.50
6/4 Rough Cut Plantation Teak Lumber
From $23.70 $32.95
Sold Out
6/4 Rough Cut Quartersawn White Oak Lumber
From $29.25
6/4 Rough Cut Red Oak Lumber
From $16.95
6/4 Rough Cut Poplar Lumber
From $14.75

Choose from our large selection of 6/4 domestic and exotic woods. Woods from North America, woods from around the world - we are continually adding to our vast inventory of figured and exotic lumber for all your woodworking needs! 

Although these boards have been skip dressed to show colour and grain, they will still require some TLC and additional milling. If you would prefer to have the milling done for you - please check out our Domestic and Exotic Wood Dressed Lumber.