Aromatic Cedar

Aromatic Cedar

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Aromatic Cedar (Juniperus virginiana)







Eastern North America


Readily Available


This wood is extremely colourful with a large range of colour from reds to violet-browns. The sap wood is a distinctive yellow colour and unlike most sapwoods, it can be found in streaks through the heartwood, not just on the outside of the tree.


Be prepared for a bit of a challenge. There are many knots found in aromatic cedar which can be a challenge. The wood also has a high silica content that will wreak havoc on your edge tools. It glues and finishes well though it is typically left unfinished.


Unfinished Aromatic Cedar is great for closets, chest and box lining because it keeps the bugs away. It is also quite rot resistant making it perfect for fence posts or outdoor furniture or projects..

Additional Comments

The signature smell of this cedar is definitely aromatic! The smell of it will fill your shop while working on it. Hand tools tend to dull quickly working it so be prepared to sharpen (a lot) or just fire up the sander.

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