Buckeye Burl

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Buckeye Burl Slab
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Buckeye Burl Slab
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Buckeye Burl Slab
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Stabilized Buckeye Burl Clear Pen Blank
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Buckeye Burl Pen Blank

Buckeye Burl (Aesculus Glabra)


Moderately Expensive





Midwest and Eastern US


Some difficulty to source


Common Buckeye is a fairly boring wood with a creamy white heartwood and a white sapwood. The burls of these species on the other hand are quite remarkable. They often have amazing reddish-brown knots and swirling grey streaks.


Like any burl, the grain runs in all different directions, often with end-grain blending with face grain. Buckeye glues well and takes finishes without any noted problems.


These burls are fantastic for decorative work like turnings and sculptures. They can also be sliced into veneers that can add intense visual interest to furniture projects.

Additional Comments

It’s not common to see Buckeye in board form because it is extremely soft and has little strength or density. Buckeye is similar to Aspen or Basswood.

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