Plantation Teak

Plantation Teak

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4/4 Plantation Teak Project Board
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1/2" Plantation Teak (D4S)
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3/4" Plantation Teak (D4S)
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Plantation Teak (Tectonic grandis)







Native to South Asia: grown on plantations in tropical regions of Africa, Asia and Latin America


Moderately Available


The heartwood is golden to medium brown and darkens with age.


Plantation Teak is famous for having a high silica content which wreak havoc on edge tools. Despite this fact, it works well with hand and power tools. There is also a lot of oil present which can cause problems with glues or finishes adhering. A quick wipe with a solvent like denatured alcohol prior to gluing or finishing usually helps.


Plantation Teak is often used for ship and boatbuilding as well as furniture making and turning.

Additional Comments

Teak is one of the most popular timbers in the world. Thankfully, many countries are growing teak in plantations. The wood is extremely stable and strong making it a fan-favourite for many woodworkers.

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