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Aromatic Cedar Thin

Nothing smells better than these cedar wood planks!

This wood is extremely colourful with a large range of colour from reds to violet-browns. The sap wood is a distinctive yellow colour and unlike most sapwoods, it can be found in streaks through the heartwood, not just on the outside of the tree.

Be prepared for a bit of a challenge. There are many knots found in aromatic cedar which can be a challenge. The wood also has a high silica content that will wreak havoc on your edge tools. It glues and finishes well though it is typically left unfinished. 

Unfinished Aromatic Cedar is great for closets, chest and box lining because it keeps the bugs away. It is also quite rot resistant making it perfect for fence posts or outdoor furniture or projects.

Great for crafts, scroll saw work, intarsia, chip carving, laser engraving, and much more!

In order to offer more protective packing for shipping - our lengths are often 1/4" less than sizes listed. Need a wider width or longer length? Please email us for a quote. Custom millwork charges will apply.

We will provide you with a 1/4" thick x 3" wide or 4-3/4" wide x 24" long, high quality thin board! These boards are flat, straight, and ready for sanding.

  • 1/4" x 3" x 24"
  • 1/4" x 4-3/4" x 24" (set of 2 pieces)
Size: 1/4" x 3" x 24" (1 Piece)
Original price $7.95 - Original price $24.95
Original price
$7.95 - $24.95
Current price $7.95
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Shipping: Most orders are packaged and ready for shipping within 2 to 4 business days of ordering.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
James Everard (Reno, US)
Aromatic cedar

Awesome lumber. Many times these planks have a lot of knots. Yours were knot free. You may now become my # source for intarsia lumber.

Dave Kimball (Woodstock, CA)
Aw that smell though...mmmm

I bought "rough" lumber almost everywhere and I wouldn't say this square and sanded sanded (because I haven't checked it yet) but this is very nicely skip-planned at the very least and it's full colour and the smell was there before opened the box. I could not recommend this enough will make a perfect lid for a blanket chest I'm just finishing....and yes I bought that cedar elsewhere....very yellowed, splits, clacks, voids, and super rough.....never again you've got my business.

Brian Kopperud (Saint Cloud, US)
good looking material

very good clean material.