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Laser Cutting Starter Package - Thin ( 1/8" )

Test your laser settings before you commit! 

We have combined our most popular laser cutting plywood materials into a handy starter package. Every laser is different, so we recommend starting off with this package and recording what settings give you the best results for cutting and engraving on your laser cutting machine. This particular size is ideal for those with a Glowforge! 

Shop online for 3mm plywood for laser cutting. Have fun with the 3mm acrylic sheet! You'll be amazed at how many unique projects this clear plexiglass comes in handy for. 

Includes one 3mm piece of each: 

12" x 20" ALL-Birch
12" x 20" Baltic Birch
12" x 19" Clear Acrylic
12" x 19" MDF 
12" x 19" Maple Craft Plywood

Dimensions are +/- 1/4" of size listed.

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Original price $26.95
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Gord Potter (Etobicoke, CA)
Laser Starter Pkge - 1/8” - Two Thumbs Up!

I think this is a unique and smart product offering to be able to buy at a reasonable price several different Laser Cutting materials to try. Quality was excellent! Shipping was immediate. Was so happy with it, I made a second purchase of the 1/4” Starter kit as well. Friendly folks and hope they start offering other high quality Laser products - thanks!

John T. (Uxbridge, CA)
Nice selection to test out new laser head

Order this to test on my 10W optical power laser cutter/engraver. In hindsight, as my laser is a diode laser, not CO2, I should have ordered the other starter pack, with black acrylic, not clear (diode lasers will not cut clear acrylic). No matter, I'm sure I can use the acrylic somewhere..
The other four materials cut flawlessly with a speed of 150mm/m and laser set to 55 - 72.5%. My favourite was the Maple Craft board. It's MDF centre produced an extremely clean cut and a uniform edge blackness that looked the best - just like the MDF - but the plwoods weren't bad either. Ended up ordering more plywoods, in different varieties, but all craft boards - with MDF centres. Very happy with the material.

Michele MacLeod (Sarnia, CA)
It was a great order

It was a good selection of products. The only thing I would suggest is to some how identify the wood products. But I called and they told me to take pics and send it to them and they would let me know. They returned my email very quickly with my answer.