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Livos Countertop Oil - KUNOS 243

Perfect for the kitchen and high humidy areas!

Ecological and safe, this clear countertop oil has increased waterproof ability: perfect for your kitchen.


  • High waterproof ability.
  • Low odor.
  • Excellent coverage and great value.
  • Can be applied as a topcoat on KUNOS 244 increasing its waterproof ability, as a simple clear coat or alone, in two or three coats.
  • Professional quality finish and exceptional stain resistance.
  • Approved for food contact according to German standards.


Determine the exact coverage by doing a test coat.  Results in a matte surface after one coat and a low gloss finish after 2-3 coats.

  • First coat: 1 Liter for approx. 237 sq ft
  • Second coat: 1 Liter for approx. 968 sq ft.
  • Third coat: 1 Liter for approx. 2691 sq ft.


  • Wood must be dry (moisture content below 12 %), solid, absorbent, free of resin and dust. Sand gradually and in accordance with the gradation of sandpaper up to 240 grain, for oak use 180 grain.


  • Pre-sanding up to 120 grain and interim sanding after the first coat with 320 grain.


  • Stir thoroughly before use. Remove possible skin formed on surface. Test application!
  • Apply generously and distribute or remove (if necessary) visible oil residues after 20 minutes (not earlier). All wood pores should be filled with the oil, but no oil residues should remain at the surface.
  • After at least 12 hours of drying time apply one teaspoon of oil per m2 and polish immediately for the second application.
  • The third application can be carried out after another 24 hours (same procedure as for the second application).
  • Suitable tools are: random orbital sander with felt pad (not white or beige pad) or alternatively brush and lint-free cotton cloth.
Size: 250ml
Original price $42.95 - Original price $237.95
Original price $42.95
$42.95 - $237.95
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Thomas Faloon (Ottawa, CA)
Phenomenal seal/ finish for charcuterie board

This product is phenomenal. I used it on my hard maple charcuterie boards which we use often. Great seal, great look

Bruce Macdonald (Piscataway, US)
Beautiful finish

Hardest thing about using this finish is remembering to wipe and buff it after 20 minutes. If you forget about it and let it dry you have a considerable problem (don't ask me how I know).
Looks fantastic on Walnut and other dark woods, really brings out the depth and colour. Highly recommend.

Randall Budd (Ottawa, CA)