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Mixed Hardwood Strips Project Box

Mixed Hardwood Strips Project Box

Enjoy this variety box of Mixed Hardwood Strips. You will find a random selection of long pieces of hardwood ranging from 1/4" to approximately 12".  There will be approximately 20 pounds of material to work with in a  4" H x 10" W x 26" L Box

These pieces are ideal for small epoxy work, crafts, toys, and small projects. No two boxes will ever be the same!

See videos for examples of two boxes!

Original price $59.95 - Original price $59.95
Original price $59.95
$35.97 - $35.97
Current price $35.97

Customer Reviews

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Denis A Levesque (Brampton, CA)
Slightly disappointed

Overall I was satisfied, however I was disappointed. because a received a few pieces that were only good for firewood. My final cost for two boxes was $177. When you end up scrapping pieces it makes more expensive. I sent you an E-mail highlighting this thinking that you might offer something in compensation for being short changed but received nothing. I am not sure if I will buy from you again.
Denis Levesque

Alexandre Martel (Montreal, CA)


Matthew Winger (Crawford Bay, CA)
KJP Supports Schools!!!!!

I have a group of young lads in my high school shop class who are honestly pretty disenchanted with the world at large. One of the few places where they work eagerly is in the shop. They created a website, half on a lark, and sent out the link to different suppliers. KJP just sent out a couple boxes of hardwood and MAN ARE THESE KIDS OVERJOYED!~~ I can't state how much this means to the bunch of us. If you're at one of the bigger schools and are trying to figure out where to put your dwindling wood budget, DEAL WITH KJP. They support schools, and we've got to return the favour. Class acts, the lot of em!