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Pegas Reverse Skip Scroll Saw Blades #7

Reverse Skip blades prevent splinters on the underside of your work piece 

Pegas' Reverse Skip scoll saw blades have the same tooth geometry as Skip, but with an addition of reverse teeth to the bottom of the blade. Reverse Skip blades prevent splinters on the underside of the work piece. This is an excellent blade for softer woods.

We recommend this particular blade if you intend on cutting softwoods or plywood between 2/5" - 4/5" thick.

Here is everything you need to know about Reverse Skip #7 blades:

Universal Number: 7R
Blade Thickness: .0157"
Blade Width: .0488"
# of teeth per inch TPI: 13
Cutting Trace: .0181"
Materials: Will cut through softwood and plywood 
Thickness: 2/5" - 4/5"

Made from high quality carbon steel in Switzerland, Pégas scroll saw blades are the absolute best blades on the market.

What makes them so good?

  • They contain the highest possible carbon content for saw blade applications
  • Their fabrication process has been proven to consistently provide crisp, sharp, and precisely formed teeth
  • All blades are heat treated and tempered to maintain their integrity, structure, and the utmost hardness possible
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