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Quick Clamp MFT-HZ 80

For MW 1000 Mobile Workshop and MFT 3


The MFT lever clamp securely holds workpieces without slipping. The fact that it is compatible with the MFT hole pattern means that it is easy to attach it to a Multifunction Table (MFT/3) or the Mobile Workshop (MW 1000). The clamp lever makes it quick and convenient to clamp and release workpieces using only one hand.

  • Ergonomic lever makes it simple to clamp and release material using one hand
  • Round and flat workpieces can be securely clamped on the MFT/3 thanks to the vertical clamping action
  • Compatible with the MFT clamping system: MFT/3 and MW 1000
  • able to clamp different materials up to a height of 3-1/8" (80 mm)

Product highlights

Secure clamping
Users can clamp different materials on the MFT Multifunction Table and MW 1000 Mobile Workshop without any problems.

One-handed operation
The ergonomic clamping lever makes it easy to quickly clamp and release materials using only one hand.

For round and flat workpieces
The vertical clamping action allows workpieces with different shapes to be clamped with the lever clamp.

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