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Woodworkers Edge Rules

When doing layout work on the narrow edge of stock, most typical woodworking rules are a little awkward. They usually need to be aligned to the face of your stock, but they're wider than the edge you're trying to measure, so you can't get to the stock to mark it without giving up the alignment you just carefully adjusted. Working on the face of a piece is usually a little easier, but you can still struggle to keep the edge of the rule parallel to the edge of your work.

Woodpeckers new Woodworkers Edge Rule simplifies your life by wrapping around the edge of your stock and giving you an accurate scale on both sides. The short side is just 3/8” wide, giving you plenty of room to mark stock as thin as 7/16”. The long side reaches 3/4” across the face of your piece. Whether you're working on the edge or the face, the corner of the Edge Rule always keeps you properly aligned/

Measurements from Inside Corners Hardware installation usually calls for a measurement referenced from an intersecting cross-member…like the rails and stiles of a cabinet face frame. The Edge Rule makes this a simple job, keeping your scale square to your stock and starting flush at the edge. Just by flipping the tool over, you can come in from either right or left just as easily.

Marking Edge and Face at the Same Dimension By placing the desired dimension at the end of your board as shown in the photo, you can mark both the face and edge at the same time. As mentioned above, this works just as easily and accurately from right to left as it does from left to right.

Finding Center of 3/4” Nominal Stock We all know 3/4" plywood isn't 3/4" anymore, and even if you're careful with your planer, solid stock can be a hair under or a hair over. Using the short side of the Edge Rule, you can scribe a line from both sides and the center of the board is between the two lines…it doesn't matter whether your stock is slightly under or slightly over, the center will always be between the lines.

Mid-Field Measurements Even when you're not working at the edge of your stock, you'll still find the Edge Rule handy. The profiled shape makes it easier to move around on your stock than a thin, flat rule and the beveled edges get the scale right next to your stock where you need it.

The angle inside the Edge Rule is 89 ° . This slightly acute angle puts the contact between your workpiece and the Edge Rule at the outside edges which means slight deviations in your workpiece edge won't throw off your measurement. Both edges are beveled, putting the scale right next to your work, which simplifies marking and minimizes parallax error. The Edge Rules are anodized for surface protection and to give them our familiar “Woodpeckers Red” color.  The 1/32" graduated laser engraved scale is guaranteed accurate to ± .003” at any point along the scale.

Woodpeckers Woodworkers Edge Rules are available in 6”, 12”, 24” and 36” lengths. The small size and unique profile make the 6” Edge Rule an ideal pocket rule to keep with you all the time. Your choice in the longer Edge Rules depends on the scale of your work. If you make jewelry boxes and smaller scale projects, the 12” is perfect. Furniture and cabinet projects call for either the 24” or 36”. All Woodworkers Edge Rules read from left to right.

Size: 6"
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Customer Reviews

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Jean-Claude Charron (Montreal, CA)

Very usefull and acurate.

GARY SARADA (Vancouver, CA)
24 inch Red edge rule

Very easy to use and very accurate.

don c (Sechelt, CA)

Love this edge rule shipping was less than a week across country