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Top 10 Craft Materials

With the holidays quickly approaching, it's definitely time to start thinking about gifts for your loved ones! Is there anything better than receiving something handmade? You may not realize that KJP carries quite a few options for crafting. We thought we'd put a quick little list together of our top 10 craft materials. 

1) Baltic Birch Circles
Available in 4 different thickness and several diameters, these rounds are in high demand for so many different types of projects!

Baltic Birch Circle

2) Live Edge Charcuterie Boards
It doesn't get easier than this! Quickly sand and oil and you've got yourself a one of a kind charcuterie board. We recommend Honey Bee's Wood Cream for the finish. 

Live Edge Craft and Charcuterie Boards


3) Baltic Birch Craft Packs
Calling all scrollers! The price is right on these, and the quality is even better. Try out a Pegas Modified Geometry blade and get cutting. Little to no sanding is ever required! These are very popular for our laser customers as well. If you need specific sizes for your laser, please reach out! We are often able to accommodate to help save you time. 

Baltic Birch Craft Packs

4) Cutting Board Kits
Now these are fun! We’ve pre-cut pieces for you so all you need to do is put them together. Choose from pre-made packages, or select individual pieces for a more custom approach. Why not give a handmade cutting board to that foodie in your life?

Cutting Board Packages for DIY Crafts

5) Maple Burl Offcuts
A box of hidden gems? Yes please! These include a variety of sizes and shapes. We’ve seen the most amazing creations come from these offcuts.

Maple Burl Offcuts

6) Live Edge Ovals & Rounds
Get out your pyrography kit and start doodling! Make a custom name sign, sketch a popular saying, or keep it simple and make a charcuterie board. Another idea? Add some hooks and you've got yourself a quick and easy coat rack.

Live Edge Ovals for crafts 

7) Dressed Lumber
Love crafting with wood, but lack the tools? Our Dressed Lumber is all ready to go. The boards are straight and flat and can be used for so many applications. Why not choose a few bright colours and make a jewelry box?

8) Mixed Variety Veneer Pack - Domestic & Exotic
These are perfect for small projects! Earrings, necklace pendants, box lids... the variety in these veneer packages are perfect and a small piece really does goes a long way.

Veneer for woods crafts in Canada

9) Pen Blanks
One of the easiest ways to get in to woodworking is woodturning. We have dozens and dozens of different pen blanks to try. You’ll never get bored turning pens!

Pen Blanks in Canada
10) Peel and Stick Veneer

Intarsia just got easier! Pop a sheet in your laser cutter, or get out your scroll saw. Create a design and easily adhere it to another piece of wood! With a sharp blade and a little patience, these are even great with the Cricut Maker.

Peel and Stick Veneer for wood crafts

We hope this inspires you to get crafting! Be sure to tag us on Instagram with #madewithkjpwood so we can see all your beautiful wood crafts.

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